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Local Moving

Our moving experts are trained in providing safe transport of your most precious belongings. We know how much your furniture, appliances and valuables mean to you and we will ensure that they are delivered to your destination in pristine condition. We use a unique packing technique to make sure none of your furniture is scratched or damaged in the moving process. From moving a small load to relocating your entire business, we are the company for you!

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Piano Movers Fargo

Piano Movers

Let the experts of Fargo handle the transport of your fine art, pianos and antiques. Our ability to move pianos, fine art and antiques is unparalleled among national movers due to our exceptional knowledge of the proper protecting, handling and transporting of these high-value products. Our trained and dedicated staff assesses your antiques and works of fine art to determine the best form of protection and transit.


Long-distance moves require a huge amount of planning. Unlike a local move, where your belongings are simply packed, transported and delivered, interstate relocations may require extra paperwork, transferring utilities to unfamiliar companies, finding new schools and doctors’ offices, and handling the transportation of all the family vehicles and belongings. Our experienced staff of office coordinators can help you organize your move, answering any questions you may have along the way. If you are too busy to pack your belongings or would rather have professionals pack them for maximum safety, we have an experienced packing crew that can take over the packing and unpacking for you.

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What To Expect:

Supply all packing materials and supplies

With a lot to pack, you may make endless trips to the store for boxes, packing tape, paper, and bubble wrap. This can seriously inflate your moving budget if you have a lot of things to ship to your new place. When you avail of our moving service, we will supply everything that your move requires, including furniture blankets and additional padding.

Furniture Dissembly and Reassembly

Our Fargo moving team will make sure all of your large and/or heavy furniture makes it to your final destination intact. Part of this includes partial or full-disassembly of furniture as required (and reassembly after unpacking). So literally, large items will need to be taken apart and the parts will need to be kept together and carefully packed. No worries though, we have all of the tools and materials required to properly disassemble and reassemble your furniture.

Packing your belongings

Packing is one of the most difficult and time-consuming parts of moving, but it doesn’t have to be. We will pack up all your things for you! With trained packers, we can get your belongings safely boxed up in a fraction of the time it might take you to do it yourself. We’ll also be able to expertly and securely pack up fragile and valuable items, such as glass and artwork. How’s that for cost and labor savings?

Truck Loading and Unloading

Leave the heavy lifting to the pros. After packing up your home, we will load everything safety onto the truck, including any appliances that you’re bringing along with you. When you arrive at your new home, they’ll unload the truck as well. 

Disposal of packing materials

A move can leave you with dozens (even hundreds) of cardboard boxes that need to be recycled, as well as other materials that need to be properly disposed of. 

Our Fargo movers can make sure everything gets disposed of in the correct way and will completely take care of the mess that you’re left with after all your belongings are unpacked. 


We can unpack for you! This way, you can focus on other tasks associated with settling in. You only have to provide guidance, then we’ll handle the tasks and make sure that everything goes where it’s supposed to.